Non-perishable Food Drive

October 2 is the First Sunday!   Remember to bring in some non-perishables for our neighbors in need!

Over 12 months ending June 30, 2016, 3,546 families (9,570 individuals) who live in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Mt Park and Roswell received food from NFCC.


Hard to believe isn't it? Not to NFCC it isn't. We see families from every North Fulton zip code for a variety of reasons: loss of income, illness in family, family emergencies, high cost of housing in North Fulton, high cost of transportation and repairs and the list goes on. You can never tell who may need that little bit of help the food pantry offers.


Below are 3 of the myths and myth busters that we often hear. (Shared by Atlanta Community Food Bank and Feeding America)


1. Only homeless people are hungry.

This is FALSE. 59% of people seeking help in metro Atlanta are working families. About 12% of people seeking help with food are homeless.


2. If people could just get a job they wouldn't be hungry.

This is FALSE. Many hard working people earn wages that do not cover basic household expenses. The minimum wage in Georgia is $5.15. In order for a family to afford housing, food, and transportation in Fulton County, a worker needs to earn $17 an hour.


3. There isn't enough food for everyone in the world.

This is FALSE. We have enough food to feed everyone in the world, but there are many barriers that prevent people from getting the food they need. Barriers in this country include: not having enough money to buy food, not having access to a grocery store, or not having transportation.

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