Call Committee (CC) Update for 2/15/17

CC will be conducting the second-round interviews with the two remaining candidates for the permanent pastor position at PoP between now and early-March. Those discussions will consist of a formal interview with each candidate as well as a separate meeting where CC members will share a meal with each candidate and the candidate's spouse.

We also report that members of CC recently attended services that were led by each of the two final candidates at their respective churches. These "site visits" were intentionally structured for two CC members to attend the services in-person. This approach ensured that CC got multiple "eye witness" perspectives on each candidate's worship and preaching style, while also protecting the candidates' confidentiality. (As a reminder, both of the remaining candidates are currently serving at other churches.) The two CC members who attended the services provided a written summary of their experiences to the entire CC and they will provide more detailed information to CC at our next meeting. Additionally, each candidate has provided access to multiple sermons on video and/or audio tapes for all members of CC to view/hear.

Due to the logistics of coordinating candidate interviews and CC meetings to include the entire CC, as well as the site visits discussed above, it is now anticipated that CC will submit its final recommendation to Council mid- to late-March instead of the late-February target that was communicated previously. CC remains hopeful that the delay in recommending the final candidate to Council will not significantly impact the final completion of the call process.

A reminder that the Call Committee bulletin board located in the Fellowship Hall includes copies of all of the updates on the call process as well as a copy of the Call Process Timeline for your reference. Additionally, a larger, "poster-size" copy of the Call Process Timeline has recently been posted in the narthex.