Mats for the Homeless: A Labor of Love

Sleeping mats for the homeless are crocheted from recycled plastic bags that are cut into strips then crocheted into 3' wide and 6' long. 

They are free to make and each mat keeps 500-700 plastic bags out of the landfill. Humanitarian and eco-friendly, the mats create insulation between the ground and body to help retain body heat. Mats are a cleaner way of sleeping as bugs do not like them. If they get wet, they dry easily. They clean up easily by rinsing and shaking. They are lightweight, portable and each comes with a carry strap. 

What can you do? Bring in your CLEAN, FLATTENED plastic grocery bags (Kroger, Publix, Walmart bags work well) and place in the basket in the fellowship hall. Join us on Workshop Days to make and roll plarn (Plastic Yarn). All ages are welcome! We had a 5 yr old rolling plarn! Can you crochet? You can participate at home and make your own mat!    

Want to join in the fun? Contact us!