Turn Around

This coming week, we are back at it again with Peter in the Gospel lesson. Last week, Peter was blessed to get the right answer. This week, he delivers the wrong one.  Jesus, it seems, will not conform to his expectations. The same will be true for Jeremiah in the first lesson, lamenting that God is fickle, and not at all what Jeremiah thought He would be like.

Despite these speed bumps, God once again promises to be on hand for them. In this passage, Jesus promises to Peter and the disciples that he will “come in His kingdom.” If that sounds like a clunky translation, it’s not the fault of the translator.  The passage is in the middle voice, which is one we don’t have in English.

The middle voice is essentially reflexive.  It is used when the subject and object are fluid – when something is both the subject and the object.  Jesus will come in His kingdom. The kingdom will come in Jesus. When Jesus, elsewhere in the Gospels says: “the kingdom of God has come near to you” he isn’t joking.

Where the Word is, there the kingdom is also. 
~ Pastor Kevin