The Canaanite Woman

This week’s Gospel has an optional component on the origin of evil, which I had originally intended to preach on.  Something happened to change my mind though, which you will hear about on Sunday morning. Until then, I hoped you might ponder this week what is in that optional piece: 

“For out of the heart come evil intentions, murder, adultery, fornication, theft, false witness, slander.”

~ Matt. 15:19

I once told someone this, that the root of evil is in the heart. My listener responded: “The heart is where love and compassion comes from! What idiot said that?” Well, turns out, Jesus is that idiot! This text is him speaking.

I think this passage scares us. The world has coached us to lead with the heart in our lives. There is a feeling that this is more trustworthy a source than any other. To call that idea into question makes us nervous.   

But it also encourages us to put our trust completely in God. Since there is no part of us that is not “mistake prone” then we need outside help to get by.  And God grants it. Broken hearts or broken minds or both, God still has decided to be our shepherd, and to pull us into his fold.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Kevin