What Happens After the Net?

A few years ago, as I was starting the lectionary cycle for the third time, I realized I was burned-out on preaching the parables and Gospels both.  Two things rescued me.  One, Robert Capon’s watershed book on the parables. Two, moving to the Narrative Lectionary that covers the Bible chronologically, including the classic bible stories, few of which make it into the regular lectionary.  

I think they helped because the regular lectionary does not handle the parables well.  This week, we have four parables with three entirely different purposes.  There is no reason for them to all be squished together on this Sunday.  

For that reason, I’m only going to focus on one (The Parable of the Net) and we will probably move to the Narrative Lectionary when it starts in September.   Nothing will change from the congregation’s end, it simply changes the texts I will be preaching from.   However, I hope it will help things flow smoother, and help improve our Bible literacy just a bit.  

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Kevin