June 18, 2017

This Sunday is the Second Sunday after Pentecost.  The Gospel Lesson for this Sunday is Matthew 9:35-10:8. You can read the texts via the link below.  

In the Gospel lesson for this Sunday, Jesus gave his disciples authority and power over evil spirits and disease and sends them out to do ministry. Jesus has been teaching his disciples by example (for 5 chapters) how to heal, how to cast out chronic disabilities and mental illness (evil spirits) and how to proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven by doing all the above.  

In a different time and place, Francis of Assisi said to his disciples as he sent them out to do ministry, “preach the Gospel wherever you go and if necessary, use words.”  

This is also Matthew’s definition of Discipleship, to do the work, the same work, that Jesus does and bring in the Kingdom of Heaven here and now.  


So, what is the work of discipleship today?  Hospitals, doctors and health care workers do the healing today (though good health care is very expensive) but perhaps healing in other ways is what is needed? So many people have become disenfranchised and separated from family, community, church and have become isolated and vulnerable and our society/culture is polarized by ideologies and racism.  

One way is to live the Love, Grace and Forgiveness of God as you as a disciple of Christ have already received. Live this in your community and family and world. Proclaim that the Kingdom of Heaven is near. And if necessary, use words. Let the light of God’s Grace shine in everything you do. Let the light of the God’s real Forgiveness shine in everything you do.  Let the light of God’s Love shine in everything you do.  Blessings and peace be with you all in the name as you walk and live in the presence of God. 

See you in church, 
Interim Pastor Craig Storlie