March 5, 2017

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Lent. This Sunday's Gospel focus is the temptation or testing of Jesus in the wilderness after he was baptized and before he started his public ministry. You can read the whole text below.

I invite you during Lent this year to make this church season a time of heart work. In Jesus world, the heart was the center of thought and feelings, where wisdom was created and lived. The heart work of Lent is to be more open to the presence and workings of God in our lives, our community and our world. All of this calls us to live out our baptismal promise in Christ and be a light to the world through Grace, Forgiveness and Love.

At the end of his 40-day retreat, Jesus is tempted/tested to follow his ego and using his God given talents and charismatic personality, to become the king of the world and let God serve him rather than him serve God's purpose. He is being tested to use his mind, logic and ego for his own purposes rather than God's. He is tempted to follow his head/ego and not his heart. 

So, follow your heart. Let the light of God's Grace shine in everything you do. Let the light of God's real Forgiveness shine in everything you do. Let the light of God's Love shine in everything you do. Blessings and peace be with you all!

See you in church,
Interim Pastor Craig Storlie