David's Call


I made an interesting discovery this week. This Sunday’s narrative reading is Samuel’s anointing of David to be the new king over Israel. So I decided to search online to see if anyone had any words of wisdom to share.

The first result to pop up when I googled “David’s call” was the phone number for David’s Bridal Shop! Not expected, but perhaps that’s not a bad connection to make.  After all, God is choosing a shepherd for Israel, someone who will love them and walk alongside them for the rest of his life.  It is not surprising then, that God chooses not the most handsome of the brothers, but the one who was the “best fit.” 

This choosing was merely a taste of what was to come though, when God chose Christ to be joined to his church. David’s strong and honest leadership was a steady help for Israel, and was just what they needed in a difficult time. By the same token, Christ’s death and resurrection is just what we needed – forgive ness and reconciliation with God, and inclusion in the gracious promises of God –peace, mercy, justice, and yes, even eternal life.

Grace & Peace,
~ Pastor Kevin