September 11, 2016

This Sunday, September 11, 2016, there are many things/events happening.

This Sunday is the 15-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist tragedy that affected people on so many levels, including national security, personal and national fear, personal and national grief, and how we saw and know God. For some, the assumption was that God was always on our side, so where was God when all this happened? Why were we not protected? For others, there was an invitation to look at how God was really present in all these terrible events in our country's history. God's grace and love were to be known even in the midst of this tragedy.

This is also "God's Work, Our Hands!" Sunday, an ELCA National Sunday of congregations all over our nation reaching out to help others through benevolent and work projects. What better way is there to fight fear and terror but by reaching out and helping our neighbors who need God's grace. Do not forget to go to the fellowship hall after worship and help put together mats for the homeless and write cards of thanks and support to our neighborhood police and firefighters.

This Sunday we will also be joined by some the adults and youth of the Roswell Community Masjid who are coming to help us assemble mats and cards. They are here to join us in our "God's Work, Our Hands!" project because caring for the least of these among us is a very important part of their faith lives as well as ours. Together we will strengthen our larger community in this inter-faith activity.

Below you will see the Gospel lesson for Sunday. Jesus is again teaching through parables. These are parables of Grace where God is the searcher who will not stop until the lost is found.

What are we going to do with all this Grace, Forgiveness and Love?

See you in Church,
Interim Pastor Craig Storlie