July 24th Sermon

Last Sunday we heard about Martha and Mary, who in one way we can see as two sides or our own selves.  There is one side of us that likes to keep busy (has to keep busy) and distracted, and the other side of us that hears the invitation to sit and be still and take the time we need with God. Jesus reminds us that that part cannot be taken away from us. Usually we are too distracted.
This Sunday (Luke 11:1-13) we will hear how Jesus disciples came to him asking him to teach them how to pray like John the Baptist taught his disciples.  Jesus teaches them the Lord’s prayer (the Lukan version).  (Trivia Question: In what other Gospel is there a version of the Lord’s Prayer?) Jesus then goes on to teach them about perseverance and praying intentionally.  It is an interesting lesson. It is a challenging lesson.
We are always invited and welcomed to sit and be with God in prayer. The more we are intentional in our work of prayer, the more we let ourselves hear God’s invitation, the more we grow in our relationship with God/Jesus/Spirit. This Sunday we will explore the unique relationship we have with God in prayer.
See you in Church.
Pastor Craig
Interim Pastor, Prince of Peace Lutheran