A Mother's Love

In today’s gospel from John 17, Jesus prays his final prayer for his disciples (before his crucifixion). His prayer is that they would know the oneness of God (which he knows/lives) in him which is also in them.

Today, we honor, celebrate and or remember our mother’s. We thank them for all the hard and loving work they did on our behalf because of their love for us. A mother’s love for her children is also a Biblical symbol of God’s love for her children.

“This is the wondrous mystery revealed to Julian of Norwich in the 14thcentury. This well-educated Christian woman devoted her life to God through study and contemplation of scripture. She wrote a theological treatise entitled “Showings” and her words have now become a hymn that we might rightly sing today: “Mothering God, you gave me birth. Mothering Christ, you took my form. Mothering Spirit, nurturing One.” God is always more than we imagined. God is always closer than we had dared to dream.”Barbara Lundblad – Preaching Week – Luther Seminary

To know, experience and live oneness with God. This is also what it means to live in the now. This is also what it means to live in eternal life, NOW.