October 2, 2016

A message from Vicar Deb . . .

Here at Prince of Peace, we find ourselves moving through an interim period. While we celebrate the movement our Candidacy Committee is making, we can have fears and doubts. We wonder are we strong enough to hold together, how much longer will this take? We wonder where God is leading us and who He will send to lead us there. In the midst of this journey, we cry out, "Lord, increase our faith!"

In Luke 17 we find Jesus along with the apostles on their way to Jerusalem. As they journey, Jesus tells them that they are always to be on their guard. If one of them sins, they are to rebuke that one and if there is repentance, they are to offer forgiveness. This sounds simple enough for most of us except that Jesus isn't done yet. He goes on to tell them that if that same person sins against you even seven times in a day, you are to forgive them. Their response to this isn't all that surprising. Basically, we hear them say, what you are teaching is difficult perhaps nearly impossible. Increase our faith Lord so that we are able to do the nearly impossible!

As you journey through the remainder of this week toward our Sabbath Day, I invite you to be open to the Spirit and where this congregation is called to serve as a testament to our faith and the mercy and grace of God.

In His Mercy & Grace,

Vicar Deb