October 16, 2016

A message from Pastor Tom Smith

Greetings Prince of Peace Friends,

I'm looking forward to being with you again this coming Sunday. I've got to admit though, the assigned Gospel (Luke 18:1-8) about the widow who was able to persuade a hard hearted judge to vindicate her against some adversary, I found a bit challenging. This passage has often been used to focus on the idea of persistent prayer. That is to say, if we really buckle down and pray with all our heart, mind, and soul, then God will grant us our request. Really?

As I dug a little deeper into this assigned reading it became apparent that there is more going on here than simply hunkering down in the prayer department. I could tell you what conclusion I reached, but if I did that may tempt you to stay home. This would not be good on two levels. One, I would miss seeing you. Two, we would both be denied the possibility of learning something new.

Enough said. I invite each of us to give this passage some study and thought, bring your insights to Sunday worship and we will compare notes. I anticipate as a result we'll leave surprised from what we will discover together, as well a bit more energized to tackle the challenges that life brings our way.

Peace - Pastor Tom the Younger