September 25, 2016

A note from Vicar Deb . . .

Several years ago, James and I visited missionary friends living in Kathmandu, Nepal. Upon our arrival they eagerly engaged us in a walking tour of some of their favorite spots in the city. We visited temples and shrines, and walked across what they referred to as “the stinky bridge.” It is a rickety suspension bridge made from planks of wood with some portions rotted away. From beneath the bridge one is assailed with sights of rotting trash, plastic bags and the cremains of the deceased. It is indeed a stinky place. Once we crossed to the opposite side of the river we began making our way to the base of a hill with many steps to the top. Along the way, we encountered mostly women bent over sweeping and cleaning the streets and steps by hand.

As they worked, people passed by without ever seeming to look down or notice the work they were doing. These workers, these untouchables, never appeared to look up from their labor but rather continued working without an expectation of being seen or hope for something better in this life or the next. It was as if those passing by and those doing the hard labor accepted this is the way things are.

I wonder, do we too sometimes walk through our lives without truly seeing our neighbors in the light of God’s grace, love and mercy?

In His Mercy and Grace,
Vicar Deb