congregational care

The Congregational Care Ministry is comprised of several ministries, each with special talents shared.  Following are descriptions of our many areas of care.  Interested in joining? Contact us!

Love Casseroles
Would you like to share your culinary talents with someone who would enjoy a home cooked meal? Share with someone who is home from the hospital or perhaps a newborn baby? Anyone can request Love Casseroles if they know a member who is sick, lonely or who has a new baby.

Care Cards
Do you know of someone who might enjoy a caring note? Would you like to help spread cheer to someone who might enjoy reading a note?

Prayer Ministry
Prince of Peace has a very active email based prayer chain comprised of Christians who understand the power of prayer.  All prayer requests are kept confidential by those who receive the name or situation for which to pray. The purpose of the prayer chain is not to keep people informed about what is happening in the church, but rather to pray for needs and concerns, and also to give praises for answered prayers.

Church Library
Our Church Library is located in the lobby of the fellowship hall building. It contains both fiction and nonfiction materials of an informative and inspirational nature. You are invited to browse, borrow, and enjoy!

Baptismal Blankets
Our babies each receive a fleece blanket when they are baptized in the church. The current fleece blankets are a “Noah’s Ark Pattern” in pink or blue. We do the cut edges and tie the strips together.

Piecemakers Prayer Shawl and Quilts
We knit and crochet prayer shawls and blankets as well as piece together quilts for those going through difficult times such as illness, experiencing life changes or loss. Our goal is to provide a tangible presence of God’s love and comforting care.